Rachel MacLeod
Rachel MacLeod
Appeared in Homeland
Name Rachel MacLeod
Born August 23, 1965 Glenfinnan, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Status Alive
Occupation Managing an Inn and tavern in Glenfinnan.
Portrayed by  Kristin Minter

Rachel MacLeod, a mortal, born the eldest daughter of Robert and Emma MacLeod in Glenfinnan, Scotland.  Her father was a career diplomat, and the family spent 10 years in the United States. She attended the Friends School and Princeton University. She has a strong affinity for family and Scottish history and when her father died in 1988 she returned to Glenfinnan and bought the local public house which she manages.


She first met Duncan MacLeod while he was visiting his parents' grave. She regarded him as just another tourist looking for his Highland roots, but she was also suspicious due to graves having been robbed, especially when she spotted an ancient Celtic bracelet in his possession. When that same bracelet turned up in a disturbed grave, she realized he had come to return it rather than steal it from the grave of  Debra Campbell. Rachel began to suspect Duncan was the same man mentioned in ancient legends.



Rachel arrives in Paris after Methos tells her MacLeod is in trouble

Within the next year, after MacLeod suffered a Dark Quickening, Rachel was approached by Methos who convinced her to let him borrow Ian MacLeod's Claymore when he approached her about helping Duncan out of serious trouble. Rachel went with Methos to Paris to help Duncan. Methos used the claymore to help Duncan remember who he was and anchor his core in order to defeat the overwhelming evil he had absorbed.



Duncan and Rachel at the Embassy Ball

After Duncan overcame his Dark Quickening, he and Rachel spent a few weeks together. After MacLeod aided a foreign diplomat, Rachel and Duncan were invited to attend an Embassy Ball. In the course of these events, Mac was approached by an old acquaintance who figured MacLeod owed him a favor. Rachel was kidnapped by Kassim after Duncan failed to keep a promise he made to him. After Duncan saved her, she returned to Scotland. She believed Duncan was a good man, but she didn't want to end up being used by others wanting to get to him. She left him with an invitation to come visit her in Glenfinnan.


  • "Duncan MacLeod didn't come to rob the grave. He came to put this back."
  • "I think a man of honor lives with what he does."


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