Rachel McClelland
Unknown 4
Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles DVD Supplements
Name Rachel McLelland
Aliases Unknown
Born Unknown
First Death Unknown
Teachers Axel Whittaker
Origin Unknown
Watchers Joel Hawks
Status Deceased - Beheaded by Vlad Dobrinski

Rachel McLelland was an Immortal, referenced in Highlander: The Series. Very little is known about Rachel, other than she was a former Immortal pupil of Axel Whittaker. At some point after A.D. 1601, she became Axel's student following another Immortal, Concetta Fuentes, whose head and Quickening were taken by Axel shortly before.

Rachel, a young pupil, was used as "bait" by Axel in order lure other Immortals out into ambush, at which point her teacher would attack and behead them. This state of affairs, however, did not last long, as one such mark, Vlad Dobrinski, took Rachel's head before her teacher could.

Note: Rachel McClelland did not appear in Highlander: The Series, but was listed in The Watcher Chronicles supplements.

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