Randi McFarland
Randi McFarland
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episodes "Innocent Man", "Bad Day in Building A", "Deadly Medicine", "See No Evil", "Eyewitness","Band of Brothers"
Name Randi McFarland
Born February 3, 1968 in Seattle, Washington
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Reporter
Portrayed by  Amanda Wyss

Randi McFarland was an investigative reporter for KCLA TV Seacouver, WA, and also acted as a weekend anchor.

She became curious when Duncan MacLeod began to loom large in several unsolved cases from the area, never a suspect so much as a person of interest, she made it her business to try and find out what she could about him.  "I mean all I have to do is stick with you and you'll lead me to a breaking news story."

She never figured out who MacLeod really was, of course, but finally decided he had to be part of a secret military or intelligence organization; "If the FBI and the CIA were half as good as the outfit you work for, I'd sleep better at night....who are you guys?  Just a hint! Anti-terrorist squad? Federal Crime Task Force? Eagle Scouts? C'mon, give...I won't blow your cover!"

Randi and MacLeod

As often than not, Duncan had to keep Randi from running into trouble. But when he, Tessa, and Richie moved from Seacouver to Paris in 1993, after the events in Band of Brothers,  Randi lost contact, and the opportunity for the story of a lifetime.

Stories that Randi investigated where she found a MacLeod connection:

The death of Lucas Desiree and arrest of Leo Atkins (9/92)

The hostage situation in Building A of the Criminal Courts Complex (10/92)

The criminal medical experiments taking place in the basement of Dr. Paul Wilder (11/92)

The "Scalper" serial murders (12/92)

The murder of artist Anne Wheeler by Andrew Ballin (1/93)

The assassination attempt on peace activist Victor Paulus (2/93)


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