Ray Bennett
First appearance Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Revenge is Sweet"
Last appearance Highlander: The Series season 1 episode "Eyewitness"
Born February 18, 1948 in Eugene, Oregon
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Police detective
Portrayed by  Tim Reid

Detective Sargent Ray Bennett was a member of the Seacouver police force. An honest cop, and good at his job, he found it curious and a bit suspicious that he seemed to run into the same couple in several of his cases:Duncan MacLeod and Tessa Noël.

He first met them when a body was dumped outside their antique shop, bearing what looked very much like a fatal sword wound. He informed MacLeod; "Your name comes up a lot downtown... I've been on the force 15 years, I know when somebody's trying to hide something." Within days, he also responded to the defacement of Tessa's sculptures, and a week later, he was one of the officers responding to an attack on a friend of Tessa's who was a part of a pattern of a serial killer.

Bennett crossed paths with MacLeod a final time when Tessa reported witnessing an assault and possible murder of a fellow artist, Anne Wheeler. He assured Tessa that he knew she was not the type to make things up, but they could find no evidence.  As it happened, it was Bennett's Chief, Andrew Ballin, another Immortal, who was Anne Wheeler's killer.  After he tried to gun down Tessa, Bennett could not hide his frustration, "What is it with you people? I know cops been on the force for 20 years, never been shot at...and never involved in a murder, but with you, this kind of thing seems like it's a regular occurrence."

After his discovery of Wheeler's body, Bennett put Tessa in protective custody under orders of his superior.  MacLeod discovered her location, however, and kept watch.  He saved Tessa and Bennett and Bennett's backup when he got them out of the police safe house before the bomb Ballin planted went off.