Raymond LeBrun
Appeared in For Evil's Sake
For Tomorrow We Die
Saving Grace
Name Raymond LeBrun
Born July 27, 1954 in Paris, France
Nationality French
Status Alive
Occupation Paris Police Inspector
Portrayed by  Hugues Leforestier
Raymond LeBrun was an Inspector for the Paris Police; a well respected and good officer. LeBrun first encountered Duncan MacLeod in 1980 as a patrolman. At that time, he was investigating a series of assassinations which pointed to Christoph Kuyler as the killer. LeBrun was never able to apprehend Kuyler, however.

Raymond LeBrun and Duncan MacLeod

Twelve years later while investigating another series of assassinations, LeBrun encountered Duncan MacLeod again. This time, he believed MacLeod was holding back information about Kuyler, and he paid MacLeod a visit. One of Kuyler's assassins appeared, and attempted to shoot MacLeod, but missed and hit LeBrun instead. LeBrun's right arm was shattered; and LeBrun vented his anger about the injury at MacLeod for his perceived part in it. MacLeod then suggested to LeBrun that Kuyler had a mole within the force, which had prevented his capture over all this time. The fact that there was a cop on Kuyler's payroll, Inspector Sole, was confirmed by the end of the affair, and it was why Kuyler was always one step ahead of LeBrun.
Highlander the Series - For Evil's Sake 41

Raymond LeBrun in the hospital after being shot

A few months later, LeBrun was investigating a robbery at a jewelry store where Xavier St. Cloud has killed the people at the store with poison gas. LeBrun went to talk to Darius at his church about what Xavier said to him, but Darius refused to tell him anything since Xavier spoke to Darius in confessional.

In 1992, LeBrun was called to investigate the murder of Paul Warren, the husband of Grace Chandel, who became a suspect in his murder.

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