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Reagan Cole
Appeared in Highlander: The Series Season 6 episode Deadly Exposure
Aliases Ludmilla von Tcheka, Isadora Wynter, Casey Monroe
Born 1504, Canton of Uri, Switzerland
First Death 1531, Beaten by robbers
Teachers Amanda
Origin Swiss
Watchers Vinnie Sobotka
Status Alive
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Portrayed by  Sandra Hess
Reagan Cole was beaten up by robbers to death in 1531, but she awoke as an Immortal. Her first teacher was the immortal Amanda. Reagan has found her calling in the bounty hunting. This activity goes after them for at least 165 years.

In 1833, she met Duncan MacLeod in London. She stood before him as Countess Ludmilla Albertina Katushka Tcheka of Hungary from the country and seduced him. In the game, Duncan tied her tightly to the bedposts and then called the guards who arrested him. However, it turned Reagan, who had lured him to pay into this trap, set appalled that it was Duncan's alleged high treason for having geschäkert with the wife of a duke. Reagan was dressed as a nun and attacked the transport, to take Duncan to his castle to be beheaded. She managed to free Duncan, but he was resentful when she had thought. He left her tied back to the ducal carriage.

In 1998, Reagan dressed as police officer in a strip show to get at the criminal, Raphael Vega. They grabbed him, but he was shot by the assassin Jack Kendall. Reagan decided in accordance with this Order, to take a vacation. She flew to Paris and arranged to meet her old friend MacLeod. Reagan watched as two men shot dead a photographer. Reagan drove Brian Murphy, the photo-model of the dead home. In his apartment, however, they were met by the murderers who were looking after the film. It came to fight and killed one of the two. After questioning by Interpol and Brian, Reagan took the movie in a waste basket and developed him. They stayed in Duncan's barge. Reagan recognized her Jack Kendall on one of the photos and immediately suspected that his presence in Paris with an EU conference was not unrelated. After the murder of Brian Murphy arranged for Reagan to Interpol, as they had seen only as Kendall. She discovered a bomb and Kendall finally unmasked himself as this had been wired with explosives, life insurance, but Reagan shot him and they both carried by the window. The explosion apparently they came around, so that they could not demand the bounty for Kendall. But they renewed their relationship with MacLeod.

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