Reasonable Doubt
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Three
Episode 20
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Maurice Lalonde
Simone Tomas
Enemies Lucas Kagan
Set In Paris
Flashbacks Paris, 1930, meeting with Richard Tarsis
Previous Story Mortal Sins
Following Story Finale: Part One
Written by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Dennis Berry
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On May 15, 1995
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 94320-64

Plot SynopsisEdit

In Paris, Maurice's niece, Simone, helps her Immortal boyfriend, Lucas Kagan, with an art heist that leaves two guards dead. Duncan goes to ransom the drawing and insists on meeting the boss.

In flashback to 1930 Paris, Duncan is in a bank when Kagan and his Immortal mentor, Tarsis, rob it, leaving a woman dead. Duncan challenges Tarsis but lets Kagan off.

In modern day, Duncan follows Simone to the bordello where she works, and he finds Kagan there. Kagan refuses to fight Duncan, saying that he might be different if Duncan had mentored him, but he never had a chance.




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