Rita Luce
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode They Also Serve
Immortals Observed Michael Christian
Nationality American
Occupation Watcher
Portrayed by  Mary Woronov

Rita Luce was a Watcher who was assigned to the Immortal,  Michael Christian.

She became too involved in her subject, and her affection for Michael became extremely unhealthy, and in absolute opposition to her oath, she secretly provided her Immortal with information from other Watchers on less challenging, or otherwise easy marks among the other Immortals. One of those Immortals was May-Ling Shen, whom he murdered outright while she was swimming in a pool and unarmed.

She murdered senior Watcher, Ian Bancroft, who had been assigned to May-Ling, when he voiced his suspicions that she was feeding Christian inside information and threatened to remove her from the field.

Rita Luce kills Ian Bancroft.

While her subject was eager to go after Duncan MacLeod; she advised against it, and provided him with information on the Immortal, Jackson Trent, watched by Justin and Maureen Russell.

When she provided Michael with information on MacLeod, who was unarmed at the time, it was to be her downfall. After learning that Michael beheaded Trent, Dawson knew that MacLeod was in danger due to Rita's blatant interference in The Game by providing key information to Michael. Confronted,  Rita smugly told Dawson that it was too late to stop him. Dawson then provided information to Duncan's student, Richie Ryan, to level the playing field. He then prevented Rita from warning Michael, informing her that they have to wait, as what they are supposed to do.

When MacLeod entered Joe's bar, Rita left, grief-stricken, knowing that Michael had been beheaded. She blamed Dawson's interference, not realizing that MacLeod had beaten Michael without Richie's assistance. 

Dawson and three other Watchers were called to testify to the tribunal about Rita's actions.

Rita reportedly died that same year (1995).  The cause of death was unstated.       

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