Rite of Passage
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Three
Episode 5
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Michelle Webster
Anne Lindsey
Enemies Axel Whittaker
Set In Seacouver
Flashbacks Boston, 1896: meeting with Sharon Collins
Previous Story The Cross of St. Antoine
Following Story Courage
Written by Karen Harris
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On October 24, 1994
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 94305-49

Plot SynopsisEdit

Michelle, the 18-year-old adopted daughter of one of Duncan's friends, is a latent Immortal  - until she totals her car and wakes up in the morgue. Duncan tries to comfort her grieving parents and teach the girl about being Immortal, but Immortal Axel wants to use her and eventually take her head, as he has done to other young woman Immortals.




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