Robert Beaufort
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode "Armageddon"
Name Father Robert Beaufort
Born December 12, 1930 in Woodford, England
Nationality English
Status Alive
Occupation Priest
Portrayed by  Dudley Sutton

Robert Beaufort was a Roman Catholic priest who was an acquaintance of Duncan MacLeod's.

In 1997 he was approached by Ahriman in the guise of Kronos. Kronos entered the confessional, and discussed murder and suicide with the priest, citing the suicide of the man's brother, and the fact that Darius had at one time been a murderer and rapist. He then demanded the priest look at him, when Robert refused, the Kronos figure asked if he was afraid to look into the face of evil, afraid that he would not be protected. The Kronos figure than morphed into a reflection of Robert, and said, "Soon priest, you will be mine." Robert and Duncan then searched for clues for ways to defeat Ahriman.

Ahriman again appeared to Robert in the form of his deceased brother, in an attempt to break his faith. Robert was tormented by visions of his brother Jackie, and of Kronos. The vision of Jackie gave Robert a straight razor, and asked him to follow him in death. MacLeod stopped Robert from cutting his wrists. Robert told MacLeod that he had lost his faith, but MacLeod talked him into giving up the razor and comforted him as he wept.

Robert then told MacLeod that everything he'd read about Ahriman said it could not be fought. That it fed on hate and fear, and how could one fight something that fed on destruction? MacLeod responded they had to fight with peace, and asked Robert to pray.

After the defeat of Ahriman, Joe Dawson asked how the priest was doing, MacLeod responded, "Finding his faith."


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