Robert Davis
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episodes Something Wicked and Deliverance
Name Robert Davis
Born England
Nationality English
Status Alive
Occupation steam ship captain
Portrayed by  Carl Chase

Robert Davis wa a ship captain, on a merchant navy vessel. He lived with his wife, Dominique, in La Havre, France.

In 1996, he was in Seacouver, Washington taking on new crewmen before shipping for France. Unfortunately, a very disturbed individual signed on in the form of Duncan MacLeod, who was under the influence of a Dark Quickening. During the cruise, MacLeod caused problems with Davis and the crew, and did damage to the ship. As a result, upon arrival in France, his pay was docked to cover costs. MacLeod, enraged, tried to murder Davis on the spot, but some of the crew intervened, and managed to get MacLeod off of him.

Duncan warned Davis that it was not over between them, and then left the ship. Davis later got jumped by MacLeod, who left him unconcious, took his wallet, and a small bouquet of flowers, and went to Davis' residence where he conned Dominique, charmed her, and seduced her. Davis arrived at his home the following morning and found MacLeod there, and pulled a gun.

Duncan fought with Davis and knocked the gun out of his hand. Dominique picked up the gun and threatened MacLeod with it, but when the possessed MacLeod gave her no choice, she shot him multiple times. Wounded, MacLeod stumbled out the door. Davis shot at MacLeod as he made good his getaway.

On the street a car door was thrown open and MacLeod was called to, dying, he hesitated, but finally climbed into the getaway car driven by Methos, who had come to France specifically to help MacLeod, and who told him he'd gotten what he'd deserved from the Davises.


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