Robert Tucker
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode The Watchers
Name Robert Tucker
Died 1993
Nationality American
Status Deceased, murdered by James Horton
Occupation Hunter
Portrayed by  Cameron Bancroft

A probationary Watcher, he was engaged to Lynn Horton and had been recruited into the Hunters by her father, James Horton. MacLeod met him at the Watchers bookshop when he was consulting Joe Dawson, the manager, about the Chronicle that had been left for him by Darius. When MacLeod returned to his antique shop, Robert and several other hunters, were lying in wait. Robert shot at MacLeod with a tranquilizer gun, which the Highlander deflected with the copy of the Chronicle. Robert then swung at MacLeod with baseball bat, while another man also attacked. MacLeod knocked Robert out while he fought the other man, ultimately sending him through a window.


Lynn Horton and Robert Tucker

Robert revived, and made a run for it, but MacLeod grabbed him and demanded to know where Tess and Richie were. He asked if Dawson sent him, but Robert was speechless with apparent fear. Frustrated and angry, MacLeod insisted "Damn you, it doesn't have to be like this!" He took back the Chronicle that Robert had tried to steal, and told him to get out. Robert ran.

That night, Robert went to the Horton's high rise apartment to report. He expressed doubts about the Hunters, "What if we're wrong? Maybe they're not all bad...he could have killed me. He didn't. He said it didn't have to be like this...I'm done with it!"

Horton answered, "It doesn't matter if they're good or evil, Robert. They're here to dominate us. They fight for their right to rule us. And one day, that is what they will do." 

Robert said he'd handle his resignation from the Watchers through Joe, and that Horton need do nothing. Horton considered for a moment, and then rushed him, pushing him over the railing of the balcony, and he fell a dozen floors to his death.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Actor Cameron Bancroft was seen in the Highlander series as both the immortal, David Keogh, in the episode, Obsession, and as the Watcher recruit, Robert, in the episode, The Watchers.    


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