Roberto Chavez was a Watcher of Mexican origin.

He worked as a farmer, and later he joined the revolution in order to be in position to observe his assignments Duncan MacLeod and Paul Karros.

In December 1867, however, Watcher records indicate that through no fault of his own, Karros became suspicious of him and held him for interrogation.  He was tortured by Karros who thought him a spy or an assassin.  He refused to reveal the existence of the Watcher Organization even under torture and died under Karros' methods. 

The Tribunal ordered a minute of silence in his honor and the chapel bells were rung for him.  His name was recorded in the Watcher's Hall of Martyrs.

During his life he observed the following Immortals:

Arnaldo Rodriguez - 1851 to 1862.

Paul Karros - 1862 to 1867.

Duncan MacLeod - 1866 to 1867.

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