Roger Harris
Roger Harris
Appeared in Methos
Name Roger Harris
Year Joined 1979
Immortals Observed Antonius Kalas
Nationality North American
Status Deceased - Tortured and murdered by Kalas
Occupation Field Operative
Portrayed by  Ken Samuels

After graduating from the Academy class of 1979, class rank 23/69, he was given the following Assignments:

1995: Special assignment - Antonius Kalas

1994-1995: Researcher

1990-1994: Keith Skinner

1984-1990: Darla Caron

1980-1983: Historian

His skill set included electronic location an photography as well as the languages English, French, German.

While he was the assigned Watcher for Antonius Kalas, Harris got sloppy and was spotted by Kalas, who took him captive and tortured him for information about why he was following him. Through Harris, Kalas discovered the existence of the Watchers, what the Watchers were, and this set in motion his quest to find the oldest immortal: Methos

Harris gave up Don Salzer, the Methos scholar, and the next link in the chain. Once Kalas got the information he wanted, he murdered Harris and dumped his body in the Seine.

The Watchers recorded his name in the Hall of Martyrs.

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