Rowan Mitchell
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Deadly Exposure
Name Rowan Mitchell
Nationality English
Status Alive
Occupation Interpol agent
Portrayed by  Dave Hill

Mitchell was an agent of Interpol in Paris, working at odds with bounty hunter, Reagan Cole, in pursuit of the international criminal, Jack Kendal. He attempted to head Cole off several times, threatening her with both the possibility of an arrest warrant, and or an airline ticket out of the country. He and Cole finally joined forces, however, and tracked their target to an anti-terrorism conference, discovering the bomb he had set in order to assassinate the presiding panel.

Upon Cole's final suicidal assault on Kendal, which drove both her and the bomb carrying criminal into the river, to presumably die in the explosion, he shook his head and declared it a pity.


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