Sahevy is a Jettator who appeared in Highlander: The Animated Series. He is the Jettator of botany.

He appears in the episode The Valley of the Thorn Pods. The titular valley is overrun with large, carnivorous plants which the local tribe think Sahevy has inflicted on them with magic. At first Quentin MacLeod attacks him, believing the thorn pods are his doing, but Sahevy protests that he was in fact trying to find a way to get rid of them. Sahevy and Quentin traveled to stop an angered villager who'd gone to a wrecked airplane to gather kerosene in hopes of using it to burn the thorn pads away only to be trapped in the plane when they were attacked by thorn-pods. The attacking plants were driven away by the Quickening when Sahevy passed on his knowledge to Quentin. After surviving the attack they realized why the thorn pods had become so numerous: red phasmas, a species of moth that usually kept the plants in check, hadn't yet awoken from hibernation, and they opened the cave where the phasmas slept.

At the end of the episode Sahevy started teaching the tribe about agriculture.

Sahevy is the Jettator seen sharing his power with Quentin in the series opening, although this is original footage not shown in Valley of the Thorn Pods.

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