Samuel Bruckner was a Watcher who operated in the US on the west coast in the 19th century.  In 1860, he was put in place in Davidson in Washington Territory so that in addition to his own assigned immortal, he might also keep tabs on Duncan MacLeod, then in self imposed exile on holy ground on an island 30 miles north of Samuel's location. 

MacLeod emerged in 1862, and due to Samuel's report,  MacLeod was replaced on the Active roster. 

Samuel maintained a cover as a mercantile, and was skilled as both a book keeper and a fiddler.  His mentor among the Watchers was Edgar Sanford.  His name has also been recorded as Buckner.

He observed the following Immortals during his life:

George Geddis - 1864 to 1869.

Clifford Holden - 1870 to 1879.

Duncan MacLeod - 1882 to 1893.

Edwina Solomon - 1893 to 1896.

In the year 1896 he retired.

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