Sara Lightfoot
Highlander sara lightfoot2
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, second season episode "Bless the Child"
Name Sara Lightfoot
Born 11 November 1963, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Michelle Thrush

Sara Lightfoot is a mortal woman, seen in season two of Highlander: The Series.

Biography Edit

Born on the Colville Reservation in Washington State, Sara Lightfoot was a First Nations woman who married the brother of wealthy landowner, Avery Hoskins, in January 1994. Hoskins, however,  opposed the union, because, according to Sara, she was "not white enough".

At some point in 1993, Sara gave birth to a daughter, and not long afterward her husband died, then in January 1994, her infant also passed away due to mercury-poisoning from Hoskins' mines. Hoskins man, Billy, aware of a potential public-relations disaster if the toxic mercury runoff-levels on his lands were made known, paid Sara $10,000 in hush-money to keep her quiet, Hoskins knew nothing of it.

Highlander sara lightfoot

Sara Lightfoot meets Duncan MacLeod and Charlie DeSalvo.

An angered Sara, however, burned the money on her daughter's grave, and in February of that year kidnapped Avery's infant son, Jaime, in an attempt to "regain" her own child through his. Fleeing the Hoskins estate, Lightfoot traveled into the wilderness, pursued by Hoskins and his men, where she encountered Duncan MacLeod and Charlie DeSalvo.

MacLeod and DeSalvo were caught up in the chase after Hoskins' men opened fire on Duncan during an attempt to parlay. They helped Sara and the child evade their pursuers until the truth about the infant's parentage finally came to light. Billy tried to kill her outright when she was separated from the men on at least two occasions. Hoskins was finally forced to kill Billy to save Sara and the child. The safe return of the child was successfully negotiated by MacLeod, despite Lightfoot's threat to throw herself and the baby off a rock face before she would give him up. MacLeod asked who would remember her daughter if Sara died, who would sing her song, that Jaime was an innocent, just like her daughter had been. Crying she gave up the baby.

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