Sarah Barrington
Appeared in Highlander: The Final Dimension
Name Sarah Barrington
Status Deceased
Occupation Noblewoman
Portrayed by  Deborah Kara Unger

Sarah Barrington was the mortal lover of Immortal Connor MacLeod, appearing in the film Highlander: The Final Dimension.

Biographical Details Edit

Sarah was the English niece of a French nobleman during the period of the French Revolution, Sarah encountered the visiting Immortals Connor MacLeod and Pierre Bouchet in the year 1793.
Highlander 3 Sarah Painting

Portrait of Sarah Barrington

Introduced to one another by her uncle, Monsieur de Frenet, Sarah and Connor met as card-players for an evening, but quickly became lovers, engaging in many covert trysts on her uncle's estate outside of Paris. Fate, however, would soon intervene -- MacLeod and Bouchet were both in France lending support to the burgeoning Revolutionary movement, Sarah and Connor were separated in 1794 when the Highlander returned to Paris to carry out actions in support of the cause. Sarah would be devastated by this, and doubly so when she witnesses what she believed to be Connor's public beheading in Paris after being captured by Royalist forces there.
Highlander 3 Sarah 2jpg

Sarah Barrington and Connor MacLeod

This was a massive ruse, however, as Connor survived, being unwillingly replaced by Pierre Bouchet, his fellow Immortal having tired of eternal life, and sought the peace of the guillotine.

Sarah would eventually marry another man, and have several children. She was secretly observed on her estate with her family years later by Connor, having been denied his own happy life with her.

The Alex Johnson Connection Edit

Centuries later, Connor MacLeod would become the lover of another mortal woman, Alex Johnson, who bore a striking resemblance to Sarah Barrington.