Sarah Carter
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Obsession
Name Sarah Carter
Born August 13, 1844, Iowa City, Iowa
Nationality American
Status Deceased, late 1800s
Occupation Wife of a farmer
Portrayed by  Sherry Miller

Sarah Carter was a mortal woman who met Duncan MacLeod in the Pacific Northwest in 1882. He fell for her and thought himself in love again. Sarah, however, had not told MacLeod about her past she never told him that she was all ready married.

MacLeod meet Sarah's husband, farmer Henry Carter, at a saloon. When he found out who Henry was and who he was looking for, MacLeod attacked him and the two men fought. Sarah arrived at the saloon to see them fighting and she broke it up. Henry was badly hurt from the fight, being no match for a centuries old soldier, and she told MacLeod she would be leaving with her husband.

Duncan MacLeod and Sarah Carter at a dance

MacLeod would later try to visit Sarah at her family farm, to tell her that he loved her, but Sarah refused him and pleaded for him to leave. MacLeod countered that he had quit his job at the newspaper to be with her.

Henry however, intervened and threatened MacLeod with his shotgun, trying to make the lovelorn man leave. Duncan refused and Henry shot him.

Sarah knelt down at MacLeod's side, and witnessed his revival, and was shocked. Terrified, she begged him to leave, which he then did.