Sarah Montgomery
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Leader of the Pack"
Name Sarah Montgomery
Born 1752 in Arundale, England
Died January 23, 1812
Nationality English
Status Deceased
Occupation Duchess of Somerset
Portrayed by  Rachel Hayward

Sarah, Duchess of Somerset had married Edgar Montgomery, 5th Duke of Somerset in July of 1770. They had two children, Martha and Edmund. Three years after the birth of their son, however, the Duke died. While riding her estates in 1784, she came across a man bathing in one of her lakes, she hired the stranger, Duncan MacLeod, as the estate riding master, and also took him as her lover. She was with MacLeod when the ran across the Immortal, Kanis hunting a boy on estate lands. She ordered Kanis put in irons to be tried for treason for threatening her. He was hanged upon conviction.

In late November 1785, in order to appease the local parish priest who threatened to make their discreet affair a scandal, she dismissed MacLeod.

She married Lord Nigel Easterbrook on Christmas Day 1790.

She died on January 23, 1812

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