Sean Zale
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 3 episode "The Lamb"
Name Sean Zale
Born 1848, Ft. Frederick, Maryland
First Death 1861, Battle of Kansas
Teachers Undetermined
Origin American
Status Deceased, 1862, beheaded by unknown immortal
Occupation Drummer Boy, Union Army
Portrayed by  Jesse Moss

Sean Zale was a drummer boy in the American Civil War for the Union army. He became Immortal in 1861 when he was only 14, after being killed in battle.

Later that year, Sean was on a bridge in Virginia picking over soldiers bodies for valuables and food, when he was startled to find an Immortal was one of the casualties. The reviving Immortal was Duncan MacLeod, who was then conducting runaway slaves to the next stop on the Underground Railroad.

He promised Sean he'd come back for him, and left him at the station while he went to rescue the slaves who had been retaken when he'd been killed on the bridge. Leaving him in the care of the widow at his last stop, MacLeod left.

Shortly after, an unidentified Immortal killed both Sean and the widow. MacLeod did return, but only to bury young Sean.

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