Seth Hobart
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Manhunt
Name Seth Hobart
Died 1859, shot by Carl Robinson
Nationality American
Status Deceased
Occupation Plantation owner
Portrayed by  Stephen Dimopoulos

Seth Hobart was a plantation owner in Louisiana in 1859. He had a son, Clayton Hobart, and two daughters.

Seth's oldest daughter was married to Matthew McCormick, an Immortal, a secret unknown to any of them.

Seth's youngest daughter Lucille became pregnant, and lied about who was responsible, the implication was she had an affair, but claimed to have been used by force to shift all blame. Hobart demanded to know who was responsible and she pointed out Carl Robinson, one of the slaves on her father's plantation.

Terrified, Carl ran away, and Seth chased after him, and then shot him dead. Carl, a latent immortal,  revived not too long after as an immortal. Carl then met Matthew McCormick, who freed him and trained him as an immortal.

Carl, however, was unable to put a lifetime of abuse aside, and sought out Hobart against his mentors warnings, killing both him and his son, Clayton. McCormick regarded the act as a betrayal, and held a long standing grudge against his former student.

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