Sharon Collins
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode "Rite of Passage"
Born 1852, in Providence, Rhode Island
First Death 1876 - Struck by lightning
Teachers Axel Whittaker
Origin American
Watchers Emmett Dickson
Status Deceased, 1896 - Beheaded by Axel Whittaker
Portrayed by  Alexa Gilmour

Sharon Collins was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1852.  She experienced her First Death at a town picnic in 1876, when she was struck by lightning. 

Background Edit

She was one of many inexperienced female Immortals who were used by Axel Whittaker as bait to lure other Immortals. In 1896, in Boston, she lured Duncan MacLeod up to her hotel room with the excuse that an Immortal was after her, and she didn't know how to fight. There, Axel was waiting, but he failed to behead Duncan.

Sharon baiting Duncan

The following night, MacLeod confronted Sharon, saying Axel was using her, and that he would never teach her how to fight with a sword. She asked him to help her get away from Axel, and they arranged to leave that afternoon. Axel, however, found out that Sharon intended to leave him. While MacLeod was waiting for Sharon, Axel took her head and disappeared.

Her Watcher at the time of her death was Emmett Dickson.


Axel threatening Sharon


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