Sid Lankovsky
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season 3 episode Vendetta
Name Sid Lankovsky
Aliases Simon Lang
Died 1995
Nationality American
Status Deceased, 1995, shot by his wife Peggy
Occupation Bootlegger, Night Club owner
Portrayed by  Ken Pogue - older Sid
Michael Sunczyk - younger Sid

A mortal, who In 1938, owned the Coconut Lounge night club with his brother, Joey Lankovsky. They had started out as bootleggers in the Purple Gang. Joey was the front man, Sid the businessman, according to Benny Carbassa, Sid was "...all brains and no style."

In love with his brother's girl, the club singer, Peggy McCall, Sid saw an opportunity to rid himself of Joey with Duncan MacLeod's attention to her.

Sid, 1938

He lied to Joey about MacLeod being in the club to meet Peggy, and when the two men confronted one another, Sid murdered them both, and then claimed they had killed each other in an argument over the singer. 

In 1995, he was living under the name, Simon Lang, and he had MacLeod murdered-- again-- with Benny's collusion, when he thought him the grandson of the the man he'd met in 1938, and that he somehow knew what had transpired in the Coconut Lounge. 

After he later shot Benny, and threatened MacLeod, he was shot to death by his wife, Peggy, when she finally discovered the facts behind Joey's death.                     


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