Simon Clark
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven Birthright
Name Simon Clark
Born Bahamas
Nationality Bahamian
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Philip Akin

Simon Clark was a descendent of Louise and Marcel, manumitted Bahamian slaves. In 1720, Louise and Marcel sailed on the Maria Rose with Amanda who had been instrumental in getting them passage. When the ship sunk with all hands, Amanda tried to save Louise, who told her of her daughters, Eloise and Renee, but with the death of their parents, and the loss of their papers of manumission and the deed to fifty acres of land that was to be their fortune, the girls were resold.

Their 20th century descendent, Simon Clark, hired a smash and grab thief to break into the high end auction house and steal the deed, a document signed by George I and worth almost a quarter of a million dollars, from the treasure display at the auction house which had been recovered from the Maria Rose. They interrupted Amanda, who was breaking in, rather more quietly, at the same time. The alarms were set off, and all three thieves ran in separate directions. When Simon again tracked down his partner, the man told him that he had not managed to grab the document he'd been hired to steal. Simon demanded they return and retrieve it, but when the time came, his partner refused, and the men fought. Simon was badly wounded and the other man killed in the struggle.

Simon, however, had learned Amanda's name as one of the few people in town capable of stealing the documents he wanted, and so he turned up at her flat, and demanded, at gunpoint, that she do the job for him. He said they had waited long enough and his children deserved their inheritance. Once she knew his story and from whom he was descended, she agreed. Once on the roof of the museum, Simon's wounds proved mortal, and he died before the document could be retrieved. Amanda folded a photo of his children in his hand, and then proceeded with the job, taking the deed for Simon's children.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Simon was played by Philip Akin who had also played Charlie DeSalvo in Highlander: The Series.


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