Steven Banner
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Diplomatic Immunity
Name Steven Banner
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation None
Portrayed by  Alexis Denisof

Steven Banner was a mortal, the son of Edward Banner, an American diplomat in Paris. He was spoiled, jaded, and a drug addict. When he stole his father's consulate issue car, he became the target of Willie Kingsley's con job, and ran the Immortal down, temporarily killing him. A mention of police by Willie's wife and partner, Molly, did not encourage him to pay hush money as was the plan, but instead he instantly looked for a way out with the least inconvenience to himself.


Banner kills an unsuspecting Molly Ivers

His solution was to pick up a paving stone from a nearby construction site, and batter Molly to death. Willie, bent on revenge, shot his father, thinking he had been the driver. MacLeod ended a centuries old friendship with Willie over the incident. When MacLeod told Banner to turn himself in, he laughed and told him he couldn't do anything to him so he should just leave. MacLeod offered to help him redeem himself, and Banner told him to get out.


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