Steven Jarmel
Steven Jarmel
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Three episode Take Back the Night
Name Steven Jarmel
Born 1958
Died 1995
Nationality American
Status Deceased, shot by street thugs in a robbery
Portrayed by  David Gregg

Steven Jarmel was a businessman living in Paris with his wife Ceirdwyn, an immortal, about whom he is aware.

In 1995, Steven and Ceirdwyn were having dinner out during which they had a disagreement. When Steven went to get the car, five street thugs mugged him, took his wallet, and demanded his watch, which he refused to give them.

As Ceirdwyn was walking twardo the car she saw Steven shot by one of the thugs, who then turned and shot her. When she revived, Steven was dead, and the muggers gone. She then set out to avenge Steven's death.

Steven grave

Ceirdwyn visiting Steven's grave.

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