Stosh Cominski
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episodes Free Fall and Bad Day In Building A
Name Stosh Cominski
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Commissioner of the Seacouver Police Department
Portrayed by  Jay Brazeau

Stosh Cominski is a mortal with the police in Seacouver, Washington. In October 1992, Cominski approached Duncan MacLeod concerning the suicide of Felicia Martins, who mysteriously disappeared from the morgue. Cominski arrived at MacLeod's antique shop because they discovered a business card of MacLeod's in Felicia's shirt.  Richie Ryan told Cominski he only met her briefly when Felicia came to the store earlier that day.

In November 1992, Cominski would be called when a hostage situation at the courthouse unfolded when a convicted murderer, Bryan Slade, who was about to be sentenced, was thwarted in an escape attempt.  Among the hostages were Richie, Duncan and Tessa Noël.
Highlander the Series - Bad Day in Building A 12

Cominski and the SWAT team leader witness an execution.

Cominski was in charge of negotiating with Slade. Randi McFarland was also at the scene, reporting. Slade shot MacLeod in front of the CCTV cameras which Cominski was monitoring, when the SWAT team, without Cominski's knowledge, sent snipers to the roof of the building.  When Duncan revived he hunted and killed Slade's gang one by one, ending with Slade himself. After the end of the hostage situation, Cominski serves as police spokesman during the ensuing press conference.

Continuity note:   In the episode Bad Day in Building A, he is called Lieutenant by the SWAT team leader, however, he was called Commissioner by MacLeod in the episode Free Fall.