Sunda Kastagir
Sunda Kastagir
Appeared in Highlander (film)
Name Sunda Kastagir
Born 1715, Ethiopia, East Africa
First Death Unknown
Origin Ethiopian
Watchers Joma Kikuyu
Status Deceased, Beheaded by The Kurgan 1985
Occupation Adventurer
Portrayed by  Hugh Quarshie

Sunda Kastagir (Amharic: ስንዳ ክስትግር) was an Immortal and long time friend of Connor MacLeod.

Personal HistoryEdit

Kastigir was born in the year 1715 in Ethiopia in Eastern Africa. Little is known about his first death and who his first teacher was, but he was a skilled warrior who enjoyed adventure. In the year 1750, Kastigir encountered The Kurgan.

In 1776, he traveled to America, and met Connor MacLeod. The two would become good friends for the next 200 years. In 1777, MacLeod and Kastagir served in the Continental Army at Valley Forge. Kastagir once joked that he spent one winter looking for General Washington's dentures in the snow.

Kastagir 1966

Kastagir in 1966

In 1800, Kastagir was in the West Indies where he may have been a slave. While there, he encountered Connor MacLeod again. In 1879 Kastagir was in South Africa, living in King Cetawayo's encampment as one of his warriors. One day, the Zulu captured a survivor from a recent battle, and that they intended to have him fight one of their best warriors. Kastagir discovered that the soldier was Connor MacLeod. Kastagir told him that the Zulu warrior was an Immortal. The next day, Connor and the Zulu warrior battled it out and Conner killed him. MacLeod growled at Kastagir about the champion being immortal. The Ethiopian shruged. "I lied." Then Connor was led back to the cage. He protested, as he thought he'd be let go. Kastagir called after him cheerfully, "I lied about that too." That night, Kastagir helped him escape and lead him to the British forces.

The two Immortals would meet again in 1966 in Paris at an illegal antique auction that was on holy ground. There were several other Immortals present such as Guerin Billuad, and Kastagir remarked that it felt like the Gathering was already beginning. He asked Connor if he was living in the United States now, to which Connor replied, yes.

In 1985, the time of the Gathering had begun in New York. Kastagir, who was living in Chad at the time, left for New York. He would encounter Connor at the subway where they confronted a street gang and Connor suggested they meet the next day at the bridge in Central Park at 2:30 to talk. Kastagir said it wouldn't do any good, "there can be only one." Connor asked again and Kastagir finally agreed. Since there was no sense in the two of them fighting until the Kurgan was defeated. The next day, Conner and Kastagir meet and Kastagir took out a small drinking flask. The two men greet each other with a hug. Kastagir offered Connor the flask which he said is "boom-boom". Kastagir and Conner talk about the Kurgan, their past adventurers, and the Gathering, then leave to have one last night of fun. They go to a nightclub where they are joined by Bedsoe.
Kastagir and Connor

The following night, Kastagir encountered his old enemy, the Kurgan, and the two men fought in an alley. Despite Kastagir's best efforts, the Kurgan took his head and his Quickening. Unfortunately, the battle was witnessed by a mortal, Kirk Matunas, who later gave a description of the Kurgan to the police. Connor, upon learning about his friend's death, prayed for him the next night while remembering Ramirez and Heather.


Kastagir was a somber man when the occasion called for it, but he had a very impish nature and was prone to wild humor. He preferred strong intoxicants, most of which would turn the stomach of his friend Connor. Kastagir was very prone to mischief, often throwing wild parties which he would reminisce about with great glee (and that his friends would often rather forget about). Kastagir's sword was a Manchu broadsword.


Hugh Quashire as Sunda kastagir in highlander
In the film, Kastagir and Connor are portrayed as being good friends. However, the film's novelization painted Kastagir and Connor's relationship as not being a so strong friendship. They mentioned two meetings, talked of loves lost, the lack of children and the Kurgan. There is nothing more to say and they part company. In fact, it is suggested that these two men, not quite friends but not enemies, are like two ships passing in the night. They have nothing in common beyond their rare meetings a hundred years apart and their immortality. They separate to go their different ways. It is the last time they meet.

TV Series ContinuityEdit

Despite the Highlander television series belonging to a different universe (continuity), Kastagir appears in the Kurgan's Watcher database as one of his beheadings in the episode The Watchers. Also, in the Watcher Chronicles, it is mentioned that in 1983, Joma Kikuyu, future Watcher Coordinator of the South African region, was assigned as Kastagir's Watcher, hence Kastagir belongs in the TV series continuity as well.

Dark QuickeningEdit

Kastagir 1851

Kastagir in 1851

In the year 1851 Kastagir beheaded an evil Immortal, and came near to a Dark Quickening. He wrote an letter for Connor, and got to Dry River, Texas. He hid himself in an abandoned mine. Soon Connor arrived together with his Cousin Duncan MacLeod. Kastagir let himself be locked up to fight the Dark Quickening. Eventually he succeeded and thanked Connor and Duncan, then he continued his travels.

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