Suzanne Honniger
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Epitaph for Tommy
Name Suzanne Honniger
Died 1993 in Seacouver, Washington
Nationality American
Status Deceased, killed by Anthony Gallen
Occupation Vice President of Honniger Communications
Portrayed by  Andrea Roth

In 1993 Suzanne Honniger hired a hit man to kill her father, as she was unwilling to wait for her inheritance. Upon meeting, she entered into an affair with the killer, Anthony Gallen.

Suzanne’s father, Michael Honniger, however, was growing suspicious of his daughter and hired a young private investigator named Tommy Bannon to investigate her. Gallen arranged to meet Bannon, and killed him, but only after having attracted the attention of another immortal, Duncan MacLeod.

A few days after Bannon's funeral Gallen fulfilled his contract with Suzanne and killed her father with a car bomb. MacLeod confronted her later about the discrepancies with the deaths of Bannon and her father. She all but admitted to being behind her father's death and then called in a goon, "This man killed my father. Take Care of him." While her man held MacLeod at gunpoint, she hit him over the head, knocking him out, and told her man to get rid of him.

She then met with Gallen, telling him the funeral was "wonderful" and she was now worth 287 million dollars. He asked for his payment of two million dollars, and she said she'd get it. Instead she pulled out a pistol and shot him to death. As he lay dead on the sofa, she fixed herself a drink. Gallen recovered and quietly came up behind her. He said,"Surprise!" and killed her.      


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