Talia Bauer
Talia Bauer
Appeared in Highlander: The Raven episode "Inferno"
Name Talia Bauer
Born 1662, Paris
First Death 1693
Teachers Pierre Segur
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Amanda 1998
Occupation Revolutionary
Portrayed by  Michelle Gomez

An Immortal, for much of her life she played at being the revolutionary. At the end of the 18th century, Talia joined the French revolution, after a local Duke had beaten a child who then died.

In 1792, Talia with an angry mob behind her, set upon the duke and Talia summarily shot him dead. With the Duke was Amanda, but Talia was not willing to treat Amanda as a fellow Immortal, but confined her with the other aristos headed for the guillotine. Amanda tried to convince her to let her go, that the only class she belonged to was that of Immortal, that she had come from nothing, and at the last moment, Talia decided to save her from execution. Amanda promised to return the favor.

Talia and Amanda, during the French Revolution, 1792

Liam Riley also knew Talia as a dangerous woman, someone who would weep over her own victims. He warned Nick Wolfe to be careful in his pursuit of her.

By the end of the 20th century, Talia's ideals were destroyed, sanctimony gave way to cynicism. She had died countless times for various revolutions, but nothing had changed. In the end, even the immortal revolutionary tired of poverty, and striving to change the world. Eventually, she became the mistress of the industrialist, Michael Garrett, whose company developed a dangerous neuro-toxin, and she decided to sell it. Garrett was also greedy, they stole the poison.

Shortly after, she received a visit from Amanda, who warned them Nick was investigating the theft. Talia lied, spinning a story of an alleged immortality serum that Garrett was trying to produce. In truth, her former lover, knew nothing of their immortality. Amanda and Nick laid a trap for Talia: told her that Garrett had survived her assassination attempt, and would be in the St. Luc Hospital. There, Talia went to kill Garrett.

Meanwhile, Amanda stole the vial with the nerve agent from Talia's apartment. Talia wanted the vial back and met with Amanda. "If you can't get power, get rich...the masses are asses, nothing changes." While the two struggled, Nick raced to defuse a bomb Talia had planted as a distraction.

Talia lost the fight, and was disarmed, Amanda said she owed a life, and was giving Talia hers. Talia refused to walk away, however, and when Talia attacked again, Amanda gave her no quarter, and beheaded her.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

Talia won awards in fencing, the first prize of the Championnat d'Europe d'Épée.