Recruited out of UCLA by Joma Kikuyu, he completed his training at the Watcher Academy in 1983, ranked 19th in a class of 103. His skills included Special weapons and tactics training, defensive driving, pilot, and the languages French, Arabic, English, and basic Swahili. His skills made him ideal to serve in Watcher security ratehr than as a field operative, and as such his career consisted of the following assignments:

1984 - 1990 Regional Security, Africa

1990 - 1993 Regional Security Chief, Africa

1993 - 1996 Tribunal Guard

In 1996, he was one of the Tribunal Guards assigned to abduct and confine, Joe Dawson on charges of treason. He was on duty in the courtyard after Dawson's trial ended in a sentence of death, and was therefore gunned down with the other Watcher witnesses when Immortal, Jacob Galati massacred the Watcher contingent. Only Dawson survived the slaughter.

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