A Temnotiye loses his hand

Russian super soldiers engineered during the Cold War with the assistance of the Kurgan Dr. Arman Volkov, a Russian scientist aware of immortals, uses his skills and the Kurgan's genetics to engineer the Temnotiye. Ostensibly the Temnotiye were created to serve Russian interests, however, it is revealed the Kurgan planned to use them to wipe out other Immortals and gain the prize.

The super soldiers are largely wiped out in a confrontation with Connor MacLeod, Paul Furio and Tasya Desny. Survivors of the confrontation were shot or arrested by Russian operatives. The survivors were later used by Tasya Desny in a ploy similar to the Kurgan's original plan, however, Furio and MacLeod were able to kill her and wipe out the Temnotiye though it cost Furio's life.


Unlike Immortals the Temnotiye were not bound by the rules allowing them to engage Connor's Immortals on holy ground without repercussions. They were also able to sense Immortals and were extremely physically resilient as well as subject to a slower aging process than mortals.

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