Terence Kincaid
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Reunion"
Born 1546 Fishbourne, England
First Death 1588 sailor repelling the Spanish Armada off Dover
Teachers Raymond Tibbits
Origin English
Watchers George Piranian
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1995
Occupation Freighter Captain
Portrayed by  Mike Preston
Terence Kincaid is an Immortal from England who was a captain of a merchant ship, he was the type of man who did not care about the crews' needs, but only schedule and profit. In 1778 in the South Pacific near a deserted island, his ship, was running out of food, water, and supplies. The crew was starving. One of the crew members suggested that they travel back to China to get supplies, but Kincaid was more concerned with getting his cargo back to London. Duncan MacLeod, a member of the crew, pleaded with Kincaid, but Kincaid did not care about the crew's problems, and when the search for fresh water on the lislet failed, the crew decided to stage a mutiny. They moved to murder their captain, to behead him, but MacLeod, in order to save the man's life, suggested that Kincaid should be left on the deserted island to suffer, and the crew agreed. Kincaid spent over a hundred years on that island, managing well enough until all food sources ran out and he starved, died over and over again till he finally was rescued from the island.

Terence Kincaid, marooned, 1778.

In 1995, Terence Kincaid met a young Immortal named Kenneth, who helped Kincaid find Duncan MacLeod in Seacouver, Washington. Kincaid worked with Kenneth who brought Kincaid to MacLeod. MacLeod, who had encountered Kenneth before, did not trust the old immortal at all, but Kenneth pretended to be afraid of Kincaid.

MacLeod and Kincaid ran into each other at a dock and he told MacLeod the hell of his existence on the island where he'd been left. The two men drew swords, and Kincaid did came close to defeating MacLeod after Kenneth caused some steam to burst into MacLeod's eyes, temporarily blinding him, but MacLeod, with his skill, defeated Kincaid and beheaded him.


Kincaid's weapon of choice was a Frankish broadsword, for which he abandoned his earlier choice - a sabre.

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