The Beast Below
Series Highlander: The Series
Season One
Episode 16
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Friends Tessa Noël
Richie Ryan
Jenny Harris
Enemies Ursa
Carolyn Lamb
Set In Paris
Flashbacks 1634, France
Previous Story For Tomorrow We Die
Following Story Saving Grace
Written by Marie-Chantal Droney
Directed by Daniel Vigne
Produced by Gary M. Goodman
Barry Rosen
Broadcast On March 6, 1993
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 92123-16

Plot SynopsisEdit

Ursa (Christian Van Acker), a mentally deficient Immortal living under the Opera de Paris, loves singer Carolyn Lamb (Dee Dee Bridgewater); taking advantage of this, Carolyn makes Ursa kidnap backing vocalist Jenny (Fay Masterson) out of jealousy of her talent. MacLeod sets out in the catacombs of Paris, finds Ursa's hiding place, and frees Jenny.

After MacLeod discovers that Ursa was manipulated by Carolyn, Carolyn provokes Ursa by telling him that MacLeod tried to kill her. Furious, Ursa fights MacLeod on the roof of the Opera, falls over the edge and dies. When Carolyn sees Ursa revive, she flees in terror and is hit by a car.




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