The Blood of my enemy

Arak mortally wounds Asklepios in an attempt on Ramirez's life. Fellow bureaucrat Valka begs Kortan to help him, but he denies her requests. She captures Ramirez and Quentin, takes them to an abandoned funhouse, and asks for them to donate blood to save Asklepios, since immortal blood has a universal blood type. Ramirez is at first reluctant, but agrees. When Kortan and Co. arrive, the bureaucrats try to betray the heroes. Quentin threatens to kill Asklepios if they do not show them a way to escape. Kortan and Arak smash their way through the house of mirrors, but MacLeod and the weakened Ramirez escape before they can be stopped. Asklepios and Arak agree to not let Kortan know about either the cause of the injury or the means of escape, mutually saving each other's necks.

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