Arak's hiding place

Ramirez wants Quentin to learn multiple languages, so it's off to see Brana. Meanwhile, the Hunters raid Brana's home town. Brana is a coward, and hides behind the Jettator oath rather than defending the people. Arak takes a female prisoner for himself, and Asklepios plans to report him. Ramirez, Quentin, and Brana break into Moganda to save one of the abductees, who Brana claims has knowledge of the location of the Jettators. In truth, it is merely the woman he loves, who happens to be the woman that Arak is holding. MacLeod & Co. capture Arak and force him to help them, lest they turn him over to Kortan for punishment. They are about to leave through the hatch when Kortan appears. Brana finds his courage and takes on Kortan so that the others can escape. Anti-establishment vendors stop Kortan, and they all get free. Arak convinces Kortan that he was not an accomplice to the escape, much to the chagrin of Asklepios. Quentin receives the Quickening at the end, and Brana can live the rest of his mortal life with his lover.

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