An immortal comes for Quentin's head while he is asleep in a crashed plane, and they engage in a swordfight. The attacker's hand is cut, leaving a scar. Ramirez recognizes him as the genetics Jettator Fredrickson. Ramirez dons his armor and goes to kill Fredrickson in his oil tanker base. Quentin stops him and proves that Fredrickson is not the attacker--the scar is missing. Fredrickson reveals that it was his clone, who has escaped and seeks the Prize. Quentin and Ramirez track the clone, who circles back to the tanker to take on his creator. The clone offers to give Quentin the Quickening, but Quentin notices the scar on his hand and fights him. The clone cuts a wire and is sent reeling back into a giant fan. Later, Fredrickson passes his Quickening to Quentin.

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