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The Guardian

The Guardian

Kind-Kron, Turque, was born in c.10,000 B.C.E. His first death occurred around c. 9965 B.C.E. He was an ancient Immortal of 12,012 years, who was once on search for the mysterious source of Immortality in c. 7988 B.C.E. He and the others didn't succeed, and he was forced to protect the source forever. Eventually a new group of Immortals started to search for the source. The Guardian beheaded Zai Jie who had found its location. Then he fought with Duncan MacLeod, the fight was broken off by Joe Dawson who took MacLeod with him. He started to hunt down MacLeod and the others. He killed Joe Dawson, Reggi Weller and Cardinal Giovanni, using his extreme speed and strength. In the end he was defeated by MacLeod during their final fight on 21/12/2012.

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