The Hunters attempt to execute FitzCairn

A band of renegade Watchers formed by James Horton, the Hunters broke the mission and principles of the Society and hunted the immortals so they could not rule over mortals.  He told his fellow Hunters, "We know the evil we must destroy... abomination before nature and in the eyes of man. There is no glory but ours! No destiny that is not of our making!" Their most famous victim was Darius whom Horton called, "a malignant evil that has walked this Earth in the form of a man for the last 2,000 years."  Horton was afraid the winner of the Prize would control the world, which he believed should belong to mortals: "We will not be dominated!"

Function and FeaturesEdit

The Hunters believe that all Immortals are "an abomination." Consequently, the Hunters use the Watcher Chronicles to hunt and kill any and all Immortals they can isolate.


The Hunters mimic the organization of the Watcher Society, albeit on a smaller scale. One Hunter is usually the ringleader in an immortal hunt, with several others providing backup.


The Hunters grew out of the Watchers, when ringleader James Horton had some kind of mental break that led him to believe that immortals were a cancer on human society that needed to be cut out.  He preached that they were an abomination that would never hold dominion over man.

Current StatusEdit

With Horton dead, the Hunter group is all but non-existent. However, the occasional follow-up Hunter has been known to pop up, usually  one of Horton's associates.

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