This is madness !

Kortan catches Malone dressed in his cape and goofing around in the throne room. Asklepios determines the location of MacLeod, and Kortan makes plans to challenge Quentin on the remains of a rusted ship in the desert. A flashback shows the death of Connor MacLeod at Kortan's hand during the Jettator ceremony. In the present, Quentin is temporarily blinded during the fight, and then both duellists are struck by lightning, sending Quentin into the ship. Ramirez finds Quentin and knocks him out, lest he continue the fight. When he revives, the blind Highlander goes for Moganda. Kortan exits the city gates in a tank to fight him. He sends Malone out in disguise, and then attacks Quentin from behind. Quentin's eyesight returns, but he finds himself on his back with Kortan's blade at his neck...and Kortan finds Ramirez's blade at his neck. Kortan chooses to enter the tank and escape, leaving Malone to chase behind him.

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