The Suspended Village

Ramirez is trying to teach MacLeod how to conquer his fear of heights. Meanwhile, Arak and another Hunter major, Gorth, are fighting over slavery procedures. The conflict is brought to Kortan's attention, and the court jester Malone suggests that the decision be made by a slave duel to the death. Arak goes to a village of suspended bridges and captures the son of the man who he wants to serve as his slave warrior. Quentin's fear of heights results in the father being injured, which makes the Jettator Olak wary about giving his Quickening to the young Highlander. Ashamed of himself, Quentin goes to Moganda to take the man's place, and Ramirez has to follow him to make sure that he does not end up losing his head for his foolheartiness. Ramirez, Quentin, and the captive son escape, and an impressed Olak transfers his Quickening to Quentin, and then rejoices in the gift of mortality as MacLeod leaves to continue his quest.

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