The Sword of Evil

Quentin's nightmares about Kortan haunt him to the point that he decides to journey to Moganda during the night.

Meanwhile, Kortan remembers how he first obtained his sword in centuries (or even millennia) past, and he swears to take Quentin's head just as he had Connor's.

Quentin is attacked by thieves, but he helps them flee from the Hunters. They take him to an underground dwelling, Shantytown, where the leader plans to kill them until Quentin recognizes her from childhood.

They enter Moganda through an arcade; the renegade forces go to sabotage Moganda, and Quentin disguises himself as a Hunter to take Malone back to the palace, since Malone is the human key to Kortan's weapon chamber.

Malone realizes that he is an impostor and sets off the alarm, but Quentin retrieves the sword anyways.

Meanwhile, Ramirez has entered Moganda to find Quentin, and is captured by Kortan. Quentin threatens to drop Kortan's sword in molten lead unless Ramirez is set free. Even after Quentin throws down the sword, the molten lead pours onto the sword as they escape. Kortan reaches into the pool of lead and retrieves it before it is destroyed.

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