The Unknown Soldier
Series Highlander: The Raven
Season One
Episode 8
Protagonist Amanda
Friends Nick Wolfe
Carl Magnus
Enemies John Ray Fielding
Set In Seacouver, Wa
Flashbacks 1917 in WWI
Previous Story Crime And Punishment
Following Story Cloak And Dagger
Written by James Thorpe
Directed by George Mendeluk
Broadcast On November 9, 1998
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 98108-208

Plot SynopsisEdit

Carl Magnus' brother, Donald Magnus, a Gulf War veteran, is killed by immortal John Ray Fielding, who served with Donald, and Nick sets out to find the killer. Meanwhile, Fielding attempts to settle an old score with Amanda, which dates back to World War I.




Season 1 Episode 8  Highlander: The Raven

Story NotesEdit


DVD & Other ReleasesEdit


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