Ramirez and Quentin are attacked by giant thorn pods in the forest, and Ramirez is taken away. Quentin arrives at a village in the trees, where dissent stems from the fear that Sahevy the botany Jettator has unleashed the thorn pods upon them. Quentin journeys with the leader to take Sahevy's head for breaking the Jettator oath, and discovers that Sahevy was not behind the thorn pod attacks. Clyde informs them that a dissenter who gave them 48 hours to complete their mission before burning the fields has not waited that long, and has gone to an airship to retreive fuel. The group arrives to stop him, and they are attacked by the thorn pods. Quentin drives the plants away with the Quickening of Sahevy, and then realizes how to stop the plants by freeing some hibernating insects. Ramirez is reunited with Connor and the tree colony begins a pilgrimage, with Sahevy coming along to teach them agriculture.

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