The Zone (episode)
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Two
Episode 6
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Charlie DeSalvo
Friends Joe Dawson
Enemies Canaan
Flashbacks Pennsylvania, 1920s
Previous Story An Eye for an Eye
Following Story The Return of Amanda
Written by Peter Mohan
Directed by Clay Borris
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On November 1, 1993
Running Time 93206-28

Plot SynopsisEdit

Dawson asks MacLeod to see if Canaan (Santino Buda), the boss in a derelict neighborhood called the Zone, is an Immortal. MacLeod enters the Zone with Charlie, who grew up there.

MacLeod realizes Canaan is mortal and decides to end his rule. MacLeod and Charlie gather the inhabitants of the Zone, but Canaan comes to the meeting with his men. MacLeod and Charlie fight them and stop Canaan.




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