Theresa del Gloria
Appeared in Duende
Name Theresa del Gloria
Born September 20, 1829 in Madrid, Spain
Died September 3, 1853
Nationality Spanish
Status Deceased
Portrayed by  Dolores Chaplin

Theresa was a mortal woman, with whom Duncan MacLeod fell in love while studying in Madrid, in 1851. She was the daughter of Spanish nobleman, Don Diego. MacLeod intended to ask for her hand in marriage, and told his new teacher, Otavio Consone, about his plans.

Consone, however, angrily replied that Theresa was not for the likes of MacLeod, that she was of noble blood, and that MacLeod was the son of a foreigner and barbarian. He then told MacLeod that he had already received Don Diego's permission to marry Theresa, and then told MacLeod to leave Madrid or die.

When told of her father's decision, Theresa protested that she could not marry Consone, but her father said she would do as he ordered, that his decision was final. Theresa responded that she would rather die.

When Consone confronted MacLeod and Theresa, and declared her his betrothed, she said, "No, I'll never marry you, I hate you!" Consone then challenged MacLeod, wondering if he could "die like a gentleman."

After a short fight, MacLeod was wounded, and at Consone's mercy. Theresa intervened, and said if MacLeod was spared, she would marry Consone, "Kill him and I'll be in a convent by nightfall." Consone then demanded that she swear never to see or speak of MacLeod again, and she did so, then begged MacLeod to go.

MacLeod at Theresa's Grave, 1853

Two years later, in 1853, MacLeod returned to Madrid to see Theresa. He was told to prepare himself, and was taken to Theresa's tomb. He was told that she had never stopped loving him, and it had made Consone insane with jealousy. She died after he pushed down the stairs, though there were no witnesses.

When MacLeod said he would avenge her, he was told that Theresa had given up her happiness for his life, that it was her dying wish that he remain safe. For Theresa's sake, he was asked to leave Spain, which he then did.

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