Reverend Bell
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode Little Tin God
Name Thomas Bell
Year Joined 1996
Immortals Observed Derek Worth, Carl Robinson
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Pastor of a Baptist Church
Portrayed by  Nathaniel DeVeaux

An ordained minister, and a friend of the latent immortal, Derek Worth, he was, of necessity, told of the existence of Immortals when a troubled Derek turned to him after his first death, and appeared in the Reverend's church, though he had died weeks earlier in the Reverend's arms.  MacLeod opted to trust him, and took him to Joe's tavern for a drink and information.

The two men explained the existence of Immortals to him. He voiced concern that other Immortals, besides Larca, had held themselves up as gods in man's past as well. MacLeod assured him that such was not the case.

Watcher Memo

Joe Dawson took advantage of the circumstances and recruited him as Derek's Watcher before he was sent to his new teacher, Carl Robinson.      


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