Thomas Powell
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episodes "The Gathering", "The Road Not Taken", and "Innocent Man"
Name Thomas Powell
Aliases Sgt. Powell
Born May 30, 1946
Status Alive
Occupation Seacouver Police Detective
Portrayed by  Wendell Wright
Thomas Powell, a Seacouver police detective who held the rank of sergeant. Powell was a no-nonsense detective, but had a good heart. Powell ran across Duncan MacLeod several times in the course of his investigations, the first was in 1992 when MacLeod reported a break in committed by pre-Immortal, Richie Ryan. MacLeod, however, decided not to press charges if Richie agreed he had seen nothing unusual in the antiques shop the night of the break in. Sgt. Powell told him it was a mistake to be so lenient with the kid. The death of Slan Quince is still among his unsolved cases.

Several months later, Gary Correll, a friend of Richie Ryan, died as a result of side effects of a drug that was created by the immortal, Kiem Sun. Powell assured the grieving Richie his friend had been on drugs, though Correll was known as being completely clean.  

Months after that incident, he assisted a small town sheriff, Howard Crowley, with the investigation into the death of local resident, Lucas Desiree. A homeless man, Leo Atkins, was blamed for the murder. Sgt. Powell interrogated Leo and concluded that he was not a murderer, just a man in the wrong place in the wrong time. One of the sheriff's deputies and some locals tried to lynch Leo, however, but with the help of Sgt. Powell and Duncan MacLeod,  Leo was protected from harm and eventually released.

Powell lost contact with MacLeod after the move to Paris.
Highlander the Series - Innocent Man 39

Sgt. Powell saves Leo Atkins from lynch mob

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